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From the Proven Winners Meant to Bee Series


The buzz has already begun over this new collection of Agastache from Proven Winners® Perennials. Members of the MEANT TO BEE™ Collection were selected for their large, full habits, significant landscape presence, and hardiness. Each variety has reliably overwintered in our Zone 6 West Michigan winters and colder trial sites. Flowers cover the top two thirds of these plants from mid to late summer, with colorful calyxes extending interest well into fall. Pollinators are known to frequent these plants and they are a particular favorite of hummingbirds.

Soft peach flowers are held on the mauve calyxes of 'Queen Nectarine'. Compared with 'Royal Raspberry', this is noticeably taller. Best performance comes in full sun with well drained soils.

Agastache are well-adapted to thrive in dry soils and is right at home in rock gardens and xeric container plantings where it will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and honeybees. This is one of the easiest perennials to grow.


This is a great plant for hot, dry, sunny climates. Well-drained soil is a must, especially in the winter. This plant will not tolerate heavy clay soil but grows well in average to light soil with low to medium moisture levels. In the sandy soil of our zone 5b trial garden, this variety has overwintered with flying colors for the past two years. Even so, it's officially listed as a zone 6 perennial so some winter protection might be required in your zone. No serious pest or disease problems have been reported with this plant.


From the Walters Garden website

Agastache 'Queen Nectarine'

SKU: 8263118893861
  • Common Name

    Anise Hyssop

    Hummingbird Mint

    Plant Type Perennial
    Zone 5-9
    Height 30-36"
    Spacing 32-36"
    Growth Habit Uprignt
    Growth Rate Medium
    Bloom Time Midsummer-frost

    Full Sun (>6 hrs. Direct Sun)

    Water Needs

    Low Water Needs
    Average Water Needs

    Soil Type

    Average Soil Quality

    Fertile Soil Quality

    Tolerance Drought

    Border Plant


    Cut Flower

    Cut Foliage

    Dried Flower

    Easy To Grow

    Fragrant Flowers

    Fragrant Foliage

    Mass Planting

    Origin Native to North America
    Attracts Wings: 

    Attracts Butterflies.                 

    Attracts Hummingbirds

    Bee Friendly


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