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AMERICAN PIE GEORGIA PEACH PIE is a compact, hybrid border carnation that features 2" wide, fragrant, pale peach-pink, single blooms with a contrasting, dark coral center ring and serrated petal margins. The blooms are held on thin but sturdy stems that resist flopping. Mature plants will reach around 1' tall and spread to fill a similar area. The main bloom period in late spring and early summer is followed by sporadic reblooming through the rest of the summer and into fall with consistent deadheading. Good fresh cut flower for small bouquets or boutonnières.


Shear off old flowering stems and approximately 1/3 of the foliage after blooming. Foliage will quickly recover and look nice, even into winter. Prefers loose and sandy alkaline soils. Can be divided in spring every 2-3 years.

Has a strong sweet clove scent

Dianthus American Pie 'Georgia Peach'

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  • Common Name Carnation
    Plant Type Perennial
    Zone 5-9
    Height 10-12"
    Spacing 12"
    Growth Habit Upright, Mounding
    Growth Rate Medium
    Bloom Time Late Spring to

    Full Sun (>6 hrs. Direct Sun)

    Water Needs

    Medium Water Needs

    Soil Type

    Poor Soil Quality
    Average Soil Quality

    Tolerance Drought, Salt



     Cut Flower

     Dried Flower

     Mass Planting

    Origin Not Native to North America
    Attracts Wings: 

    Attracts Butterflies                   

    Bee Friendly

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