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Need a shorter, manageable Russian Sage that is still vigorous in the landscape and production? Try ‘Blue Jean Baby’! Lavender blue flowers held in smoky purple calyxes bloom for a long period starting in midsummer, with the color from the calyxes extending appeal into fall. This variety is one of the earliest Perovskia to bloom. This bushy selection joins the lineup of Perovskia from the Walters Gardens hybridizing and, like the others this program has introduced, resists lodging. ‘Blue Jean Baby’ is a vigorous selection which replaces PEEK-A-BLUE® in our catalog.

A perfect perennial for hot, dry climates and also exceptionally cold hardy. Perovskia can be used in a wide variety of environments with little attention through the season - a reason they have long been a staple of landscapers. Expect these plants to be a little later to emerge in spring, but also to offer color well into fall.


The ideal plant for hot, dry climates! Russian Sage is classified as a subshrub or woody perennial. It performs very well in full sun and any well-drained soil. Average to dry moisture levels are ideal, and few pests bother this plant. If pruning is necessary, do so in Spring when new growth appears. Prune back to just above the lowest bud.


From Walters Gardens website

Perovskia atrip 'Blue Jean Baby'

SKU: 9572242188861
  • Common Name  Russian Sage
    Plant Type Perennial
    Zone 4-9
    Height 28-34"
    Spread 36"
    Growth Habit Upright
    Growth Rate Medium
    Bloom Time

    Late Summer

    Early Fall

    Late Fall


    Full Sun (>6 hrs. Direct Sun)

    Water Needs

    Low Water Needs
    Average Water Needs

    Soil Type

    Poor Soil Quality
    Average Soil Quality

    Fertile Soil Quality

    Tolerance Drought, Salt

    Border Plant

    Cut Flower

     Dried Flower

    Fragrant Flowers

    Fragrant Foliage

     Mass Planting

    Origin Not Native to North America
    Attracts Wings: 

    Attracts  Hummingbirds          

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